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Opportunity THE WOMEN - Sydney Fringe 2016

at Edgewise Productions - Sydney

“A woman's compromised the day she's born”

With a serving of marriage, any woman might expect an icy side of adultery or divorce. Inspired by salacious gossip overheard in powder rooms of swank 1930s nightclubs, The Women is a sharp-witted appraisal of Manhattan’s elite, proving that, for ladies who lunch, revenge is a dish best served hot...

In September 2016, EDGEWISE PRODUCTIONS is bringing this very proper tale of pampered lives and power struggles to the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Directed by Alexander Andrews
Produced by Rose McClelland

Auditions for The Women are currently open to anyone aged 18-28. We are looking to fill a cast of 17 women. Please read the following document to familiarise yourself with the available roles:

Auditions will occur on Sunday May 15, 22, & 29, 5:30pm-8:15pm at Glebe Town Hall.

To book an audition, please fill out the following form:
You will receive an email with your allocated audition slot and any other relevant information.

For your audition, we ask that you prepare one of the following monologues. You will also be provided with a cold read on the day. As the piece is set in New York, we ask that you demonstrate your ability to speak with an American accent.

Mary Haines:
A good argument. So modern. So simple. Sex the cause, sex the cure. It’s too simple. Your love battles for – lovers – or professionals. Not for a man and a woman who’ve been married twelve quiet years! Oh, I didn’t mean I wouldn’t love Stephen’s arms around me again. But I wouldn’t recapture, if I could, our – young passion. That was the wonderful young thing we had. That was part of our youth, like the – babies. But not the thing that made him my husband, that made me his wife – Stephen needed me. He needed me for twelve years. Stephen doesn’t need me anymore.

Silvia Fowler:
Oh, dear, I’ve lost another pound. I must remember to tell my analyst. You know, everything means something. But even my analyst says no woman should try to do as much as I do. He says I have a Damon and Pythias Complex. I guess I have given too much of myself to other women. He says women are natural enemies – (picks up a perfume bottle) Why, I thought you didn’t touch up your hair – My dear, I wouldn’t use this. You smell it on every tart in New York. That reminds me, if you do have an affair, for heaven’s sake, be discreet. Remember what Howard did to me, the skunk. My, you’re putting on weight. But men think they’re so mercenary. They think they own you body and soul, just because they pay the bills – I tried this cream. It brought out pimples.

Crystal Allen:
(Talking about step-daughter, Little Mary) Listen, that kid doesn’t want to bid me beddy-bye any more than I do. Stephen’s tried for two years to cram us down each other’s throats. Let her go home to her mother. Some day I’m going to slap that kid down! She’s too – Oh, I’m so bored. Never marry a man who’s deserted a ‘good woman’. He’s as cheerful as a man who’s murdered his poor old mother. (Phone rings) Get out! Hello, darling, I’m in the tub. I’m shrivelled to a peanut waiting for this call. Oh, Buck, I’m going to miss you like nobody’s business. I can’t tell you what it did to me, locking our door on our little apartment.

Peggy Day:
John wanted to buy a car, with my money! John couldn’t afford a car. I know that what’s his is mine. What’s mine is his. But, a woman’s best protection is to keep a little money for her own. Perhaps Johnny isn’t the right man and I’ll forget all about him in another month. No, I won’t. I can’t. Because – because – oh, I’m going to have a baby. Oh, what shall I do? I can’t tell him! I always wanted it. But what can I do with it now? Oh, I know I’m wrong. But it’s no use – you don’t know the things he said to me. I have my pride. Reno’s full of women who have their pride and I do too.

Countess Flora de Lage:
Oh, I wish she hadn’t brought up the Alps. It always reminds me of that nasty moment I had the day Gustav made me climb to the top of one of them. Anyhow, there we were. And suddenly it struck me that Gustav had pushed me. I slid halfway down the mountain before I realised that Gustav didn’t love me any more. But Love takes it’s own. I slid right into the arms of my fourth husband, the Count. What could I do when I found out he was putting arsenic in my Bromo Seltzer? Ah! L’amour! L’amour!

Rehearsals will commence in June. A rehearsal schedule will be finalised pending cast availability. The cast should expect to rehearse approximately 6 hours per week.

For enquiries about The Women, including auditions, please contact us at

Please note that all EDGEWISE PRODUCTIONS projects are run exclusively to provide opportunities for young people and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

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