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Volunteer Chance for all to shine on stage

at Garrick Theatre West Australia

WHETHER you’re young, old, male or female, Garrick Theatre is interested in hearing from you.

A second round of auditions is being held for Oil Well That Ends Well from 7pm February 18 – and more than 20 male and female roles of differing ages are on offer.

Director Gail Lusted describes the play as “a modern Macbeth", adapting Shakespeare’s work to give it a twist by setting it in modern-day Perth.

"Macbeth is considered one of Shakespeare’s darkest and most powerful tragedies." she said.

"Originally set in Scotland, the play dramatises the corrosive psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen as a way to fulfil the ambition for power.

"But what if we moved it to present-day Perth in the oil industry?

"Royalty succession is replaced by the corporate ladder and the cut and thrust of the royal entourage is replaced by the machinations of industry and commerce.

"It's no less deadly nor earnest and just as corrupt with the same disregard for human frailty."

Roles on offer include:
• Duncan Donald, president and founder of The CAMB Co. A lovely, successful boss. Needs to be middle-aged (male).
• Malcolm Donald, heir to The CAMB Co and a playboy. A bit of a waster (male).
• Colin Gems, vice-president. Smarmy corporate creep (male or female).
• Cameron MacBeth, operations manager. Ambitious. Starts out hard-working and well-respected but becomes increasingly desperate and homicidal (male).
• Neil Bana, explorations manager. Loyal and smart best friend of MacBeth (male).
• Ross Jones, an administration person who wants more of everything (male or female).
• Fergus Cape, aspiring yet often overlooked office junior (male or female).
• Won, Too and Free, cleaners, servants and witches (male or female). The witches are puppeteers of fate. They appear in nearly every scene either – these are large roles that include physical and creative movement.
• Penelope MacBeth, Cameron’s devoted wife. The ultimate oil wife who revels in her husband's success but has a major breakdown (female).
• Simone Porter, Bana’s ex-wife. Fairweather friend of Penelope (female).
• Jeanette Jones, Ross’ indifferent wife (female).
• Aroura Manifold, Fergus' bitter wife (female).
• Dr Cecily Carter, an oil wife who doesn’t need to work (female).
• Cahlen Rogers, an oil wife married to her sugar daddy (female).
• Amanda Lafontaine, a new oil wife, not part of the core group (female).
• DI Duffy, homicide detective and Duncan’s loyal friend (male or female).
• Sergeant Len Barnaby, new to the homicide department and eager to impress (male or female).
• Mr/Mrs Duffy, a loving house-husband or wife (male or female).
• James/Jane Duffy, young son or daughter.
• Francis or Frances Bana, teenage son or daughter. Stereotypical teenager.

All language is modern, not Shakespearean, except the witches' speeches.

Performance dates for the show are May 1 to 17. For more details and to book an audition, email

Garrick Theatre is at 16 Meadow Street, Guildford, opposite the Stirling Arms Hotel and Guildford Town Hall.

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