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Opportunity SNOW WHITE...a pantomime

at S.M.I.T.H Theatre Productions Inc Victoria

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Snow White… a pantomime

Aria, a fairy in training, has been put in charge of telling the story of Snow White by her fairy trainer, Miss Maurelle. The only problem is that Aria is clumsy and naive and makes all sorts of mistakes throughout the telling of the classic fairytale.

In the middle of all of these mishaps and blunders is a beautiful young girl named Snow White with a jealous step-mother who is hell-bent on claiming the title of ‘fairest of them all,’ and a persistent prince who wants he hand in marriage. With the help of seven delightful dwarfs, and the kind animals of the forest, Snow White escapes the wrath of her evil stepmother and begins a new life in the woods. The Queen, however, doesn’t give up so easily and finds a way to poison the beautiful Snow White when the dwarfs are out at work one day.

So it is Aria, the fairy in training, who must gather together all of her knowledge, experience and courage to save the fair maiden and create a happily ever after.

• Prepare 2 contrasting songs of your choice which highlight your vocal and performance skills. You may be asked to sing only one, but have two prepared.
• Sung with backing track or A Capella.
If you choose to sing with a backing track you must bring the CD with you, clearly marked. If the CD does not work you will sing A Capella.
• You may be asked to read a small excerpt of the script.
• Auditionees will be taught some simple choreographed movement to perform for the panel as well.
To book an audition time, please call our Production Manager Lisa on 0425 576 484.


Vocal Range: Mezzo/Soprano
This is essentially the role of narrator and essential in moving the story along. Aria is naive and sweet with lots of positive energy. This actor must be able to sing, dance and act, they must feel comfortable and confident in interacting with the audience.

Miss Maurelle
This role is a wonderful opportunity for a featured acting role. Miss Maurelle is the older, more experienced fairy that knows her way around magic and fairytales. She has a sarcastic and dry sense of humour, so this actor must have good comic timing.

Snow White
Vocal Range: Mezzo/Soprano
Snow White is a beautiful princess who is a little rebellious and can be boastful about her looks and title at times. While she is a confident young girl, she is scared of her evil step-mother and misses her real mother and father terribly. She finds a friend in Aria as well as the seven dwarfs and is not impressed by the arrogant Prince Tom who seeks her hand in marriage. This actor must have excellent acting, singing and dancing skills.

The Evil Queen
Vocal Range: Mezzo/Alto
She is a self-obsessed narcissist with a flair for the dramatic. The Queen is determined to be the most beautiful woman in the land and consults her magic mirror regularly to make sure. With her hunchbacked henchman, Igor, by her side, she plots Snow White’s demise when she discovers that her beauty has been surpassed. This actor must be able to act, sing and dance. Great comic timing and strong acting skills are a must for the Queen.

The Old Witch
The witch has a dual personality, a sweet, little old lady to Snow White but the audience know of her evil intentions. This is a great opportunity for a featured role with no solo singing required. Actor must be able to assume an appropriate voice and physical quality for the old witch as well as have good comic timing.

Vocal Range: Tenor/Alto
Igor is the simple-minded, hunch-backed assistant to the Queen. He is not all that bright and while trying to help the Queen, he often infuriates her. This is a great acting role with plenty of opportunities for humour. This actor would need to assume a character voice as well as physically assume the character of Igor. Good comic timing is essential, a small amount of solo character singing required.

Prince Tom/Prince Tim
Vocal Range: Tenor
Prince Tom and Prince Tim are two royal brothers who are spoilt, arrogant and fancy themselves a hit with the ladies. Tom develops a keen interest in Snow White and makes it his mission to see that she will marry him. Tim, is just as insufferable as Tom but has his eye set on other princesses. Both actors must have strong acting and singing ability with good comic timing.

The Huntsman
Vocal Range: Tenor/Baritone
The huntsman is loyal, mild-mannered and a real softy at heart. He intends to obey the Queen and kill Snow White but her beauty melts his heart and he spares her life. This is a great opportunity for a featured actor with great expressive skills.

The Seven Dwarfs
Vocal Range: Varied (A nice blend)
The dwarfs will all have their individual characters (Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey, Sleepy and Gassy – for comedic value). These actors will need to be able to sing, dance and act and be able to display excellent expressive skills to determine their individual personalities as well as have lots of energy.

Vocal Range: Varied
The ensemble will consist of the forest animals that come out to help Snow White, the royal guests and the evil forest spirits, wolves and trees that the Queen commands. The ensemble will be made up of singers, dancers and actors with a variety of speaking, singing and specialised dancing roles. It is important that the ensemble are energised and focused, and are able to take on more than one role.

Wednesday evenings 6pm-9pm
Sundays 10am-5pm *Note that there will also be some day-time rehearsals during school holidays for those who are available.

The O’Keefe Hall
St Martin de Porres
158 Military Road
Avondale Heights

Please note: Additional rehearsals may be called and alternate rehearsal spaces may be used from time to time. Sufficient notice will be given.

Show Dates
Friday 10th April, 8pm
Saturday 11th April, 2pm
Saturday 11th April, 8pm
Thursday 16th April, 8pm
Friday 17th April, 8pm
Saturday 18th April, 2pm
Saturday 18th April, 8pm
Sunday 19th April, 2pm

Other Important Dates
Meet and Greet – Wednesday 3rd December
Rehearsals begin – Monday 12th January
Production Week begins – Tuesday 7th April

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Published 26-10-2014