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Latest reviews from Australian Stage Online

Bubble Show for Adults Only | Bubble Laboratory Trust

There are so many amazing moments in this show, I will try not to spoil the surprise by describing too many of the twists and turns in characterization, storytelling and absolutely amazing bubble work.

Jagged Little Pill – The Musical

Even though Jagged Little Pill – The Musical is based on the album of the same name, it is as far from a “jukebox musical” as anything could be.

The Wedding Singer | David Venn Enterprises

The Wedding Singer is a joyous celebration of the 80s – of shoulder pads and hair-do’s that would block out the sun.

Dave Callan’s ‘77 Holiday Special

Callan, the creative mind behind the New Year’s Eve broadcast on BBC television for the year ending 1977, and lurching into 1978 was not at his tightly scripted best.

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