My Family and Other AnimalsMy Family and Other Animals

Employer: Genesian Theatre
Category: Auditions
Location: Sydney

For eleven-year-old Gerry Durrell, the extraordinary landscape provides the perfect playground. Its exotic fauna inspires a life-long fascination with the animal kingdom – and his much-loved memoir My Family and Other Animals.

Summer of the Seventeenth DollSummer of the Seventeenth Doll

Employer: Genesian Theatre
Category: Auditions
Location: Sydney

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll is an Australian play written by Ray Lawler and first performed at the Union Theatre in Melbourne on 28 November 1955. The play is considered to be the most significant in Australian theatre history.

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Come Rain or Come Shine is a faithful adaptation of a rather boring short story by Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro about a group of 3 not particularly nice or interesting individuals and an awful lot more about a purple notebook accidently left on a kitchen table.

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SIX is a truly magical night at the theatre, a wonderful moment of joy to experience in the depths of Melbourne’s winter.

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All eyes were upon him as he shimmied and slunk about centre stage. Then there is his extraordinary voice. His range is staggering, matched only by his expression and intonation. One minute crackling, the next falsetto.

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Only three weeks ago, The Australian Ballet premiered the highly abstracted, contemporary Kunstkamer. Now, in polar opposite, they’ve pulled out Harlequinade from the ballet archives.

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